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                              Our Business Mission                                    

To provide my clients with a truly amazing experience, based on a fabulous product, top notch customer service and love. Our fine art portraits appeal to the stylish woman who wants to capture the essence of her wedding and or family in an artistic way. My clients are the type of people who love art and beautiful photography and are willing to make an investment into it. We accept a limited number of commissions each season to stay true to this mission.

About Lauri

I am blessed...

I am a dedicated, hard working woman (must be the Irish in me.) I have three incredible daughters. They are my greatest joy and biggest accomplishments. Over 20 years ago, I met a great guy, dated, got married, had a baby and bought a new house, all within 2 years. Yes, we move quick around here. Bob is the Energizer Bunny to my Mighty Mouse. I just love him so.

I  live in this awesome little town with great people, many, who like us, are dedicated to "Service Above Self".

My career allows me to do what I love to do and pay it forward.

I love children, love to photograph them, love to hug them, love to work with them... and pets, well, I would have many more than I have if it were up to me!

I get emotionally tied to every session.

I was formally educated in Business at The University of Massachusetts and Photography at New England School of Photography and NEIPP.

I am one lucky woman.